Florida Unemployment Escalation w/Rep. Eskamani (Updated January 3, 2022

UI Claim Escalation with Rep. Anna Eskamani

➡️➡️➡️➡️ Here is the link to DEO’s new Help Center ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

Below is a review of recent DEO updates that might help w/some of your questions —

Note the exemption for some furloughed workers
Here’s a breakdown how many work searches you have to do based on the County you live in.
Another break down explaining your options.
More examples of how to do the Work Search

Here’s a series of Q&A we also asked DEO to help answer based on questions provided to us by unemployed Floridians. These are DEO’s responses to us>>



Florida Definitions of Ability, Availability, Discharge, and Voluntary Quit
This is found in DEO’s Resource Guide which you can see on FloridaJobs.org
This is the process when you are applying for Regular UC. Applying for PUA should be a shorter timeline, but there is still some “pending” involved when you apply for PUA, too.
Graphic of how PUA is calculated
Here is what your CONNECT dashboard should look like when the PUA Portal becomes available. Note how you must have an ineligible status FIRST before the portal becomes available. If you have a CONNECT application dated on or after April 5th that is deemed ineligible, the PUA Portal should become available to you.
This is what your dashboard looks like once you become eligible for PUA. Notice the Current Program Type changed from “Regular UC” to “Pandemic — COVID 19”
Note that there are phone apps you can download to fax documents versus having to use an actual fax machine.
Here is what your CONNECT dashboard looks like when applying for PEUC. Notice how Claim Status says “Exhausted” and Current Program Type says “Regular UC”
This is what your CONNECT dashboard looks like after you’ve applied for PEUC. Notice the Claim Status now says “Exhausted_Active,” the Monetary Status says “Eligible Redetermined” and Current Program Type is “Pandemic EUC”
First Screen Before You Answer the Renewal Questions
List of Questions to “Renew” Your PUA Clam for the New Quarter

Please read DEO’s Resource Guide which you can find on FloridaJobs.org for additional guidance!

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